In The Box Indoor Unit  Indoor Unit, Remote, Remote Holder, Batteries, User manuaView More... N/A N/A
Brand Carrier  Carrier  N/A N/A
Type Window  Window  N/A N/A
Capacity in Tons 1.5 Ton  1.5 Ton  N/A N/A
Star Rating 3 Star BEE Rating  3 Star BEE Rating  N/A N/A
BEE Rating Year 2017  2018  N/A N/A
Color White  White  N/A N/A
Cooling and Heating No  N/A N/A
Cooling Capacity 5300 W  5250 W  N/A N/A
Compressor Tropical Rotary  Rotary  N/A N/A
Dehumidification No  Yes N/A N/A
Remote Control Yes Yes N/A N/A
Refrigerant R-22  R-22  N/A N/A
Condenser Coil Copper  N/A N/A
Technology Used N/A N/A
Operating Modes Energy Saver Mode, Dry Mode, Super Turbo Mode  N/A N/A
Series N/A N/A
Heating Capacity N/A N/A
Indoor W x H x D 66 cm x 43 cm x 77.5 cm  660 mm x 430 mm x 775 mm  N/A N/A
Indoor Unit Weight 58.5 kg  56 kg  N/A N/A
Outdoor W x H x D N/A N/A
Outdoor Unit Weight N/A N/A
Other Dimensions N/A N/A
Air Flow & Filter Features
Anti-bacteria Filter Yes Yes N/A N/A
Dust Filter Yes Yes N/A N/A
Air Circulation 500 CFM  N/A N/A
Auto Air Swing Yes N/A N/A
Air Flow Direction 4 Way  N/A N/A
Active Carbon Filter Yes N/A N/A
Other Filter Features Zeolite Filter, Charcoal Filter, Vitamin C Filter, ElectrView More... N/A N/A
Other Air Flow Features N/A N/A
Deodorizing Filter N/A N/A
Convenience Features
Auto Restart Yes Yes N/A N/A
Additional Features Cooling and Heating: Cooling  Number of Speed (Fan Motor): 3  N/A N/A
Quiet Mode N/A N/A
Sleep Mode Yes N/A N/A
Self Diagnosis N/A N/A
Timer Yes N/A N/A
Other Convenience Features Auto On/Off Timer, Exhaust Command, Room Temperature DispView More... N/A N/A
Child Lock N/A N/A
Memory Feature N/A N/A
Emergency Operational Button N/A N/A
Power Features
Power Requirement AC 230 V, 50 Hz  AC 230 V, 50 Hz  N/A N/A
Power Consumption 1800 W  1393.39 W  N/A N/A
Other Power Features Nominal Power Input: 1800 W  N/A N/A
Operating Current N/A N/A
Power Consumption - Heating N/A N/A
Installation Details Standard installation of air-conditioners covers only:  Standard installation of air-conditioners covers only:  N/A N/A
Technician Visit Details Provide replacement to the customer in case part/product View More... Authorized Service Engineer will do the following  N/A N/A
Uninstallation Details Uninstall  In case of returns  N/A N/A
Other Included Services Two Free Services of AC within Warranty Period on Demand  N/A N/A
Demo Details N/A N/A
Not Covered under Installation N/A N/A
Required From Customer N/A N/A
Warranty Summary 1 Year on Complete Unit and 4 Years on Compressor  1 Year on Product and 5 years on Compressor  N/A N/A
Covered in Warranty 1 year warranty on all functional part of AC other than aView More... All Parts, Excluding Air Filter/ Front Grill & Plastic PaView More... N/A N/A
Not Covered in Warranty Warranty does not cover  Parts: Air Filter/Front Grill is Not Covered in the WarraView More... N/A N/A
Warranty Service Type On-site  N/A N/A
Performance Features
ISEER 2.92 W/W  N/A N/A
Other Performance Features N/A N/A
Indoor Noise Level High - 56 dB, Low - 50 dB  N/A N/A
Panel Display LED  N/A N/A
Turbo Mode Yes N/A N/A
Indoor Temperature Indicator N/A N/A
Cooling Coverage Area N/A N/A